Mister Weston - Whitney G.
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Mister Weston

By Whitney G.

  • Release Date: 2016-08-29
  • Genre: Romance érotique


The first night I met Gillian Taylor, she claimed she was a pilot. Then she claimed she worked for a "private airline."

I knew right then and there that she was lying to me, and that sexy as hell or not, she was the type of woman I needed to avoid.

Still, after a pleasurable one night stand, I was certain we'd never see each other again. That we didn't need to see each other again. 

Until I saw her in an airport a few weeks later...
Until I realized that we were both assigned to work the same flight. 

She was the flight attendant. 
I was the pilot. 

Those two facts should've cemented the main reason why we needed to keep things professional and follow the rules, but I couldn't stay away from her, and our forbidden affair was about to get far more turbulent than I'd ever imagined.